Mass Influence Formula

Massive Influence Formula

What you get:

These are a set of recorded trainings directly front top income earners and marketers inside empower network. They reveal the exact strategies they use to market their business and get more leads and customers.

  • Module 1: Mass Influence Defined
  • Module 2: Beliefs About People
  • Module 3: Unconscious Phenomenon
  • Module 4: Framework of Language Suggestions
  • Module 5: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 1)
  • Module 6: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 2)
  • Module 7: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 3)
  • Module 8: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 4)

Pros: This is hands down on of the most cutting edge marketing programs on what works right now to bring more eyeballs and online attention to your business.

Not only will you learn online strategies to bring more customers but also offline strategies to increase exposure to your business. Like we mentioned before when it comes to marketing there is the dynamics and the mechanics, The Mass Influence Formula is the mechanics, the exact, step by step methods you can use on How-To bring more customers to your business.



It’s hard to find any real cons to this product if you are serious on wanting to learn how to market online. The only problem may be the price point since it may not be easy for everyone to afford the product but once you are able to get it this membership will prove its value in gold.

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